Monday, July 12, 2010

Won't You Please, Please Help Me -- The Beatles

Hi everyone.  I'm not sure what to say here today.  I want to apologize for my not so positive attitude that was supposed to be evident the second I changed my blog name.  I just struggle terribly and it's hard to turn over a new leaf in one day.  I went back to exercising as I mentioned earlier.  It's beginning to get very hard again, especially when the scale is not cooperating.  My friend said not to forget that muscle weighs more than fat.  When does that excuse run out?  I guess I could start saying that I'm 400 lbs of pure muscle. :)

And my poor PT...I think I cried through over half of our meetings the last couple of weeks.  It shouldn't be this hard.  Why does it have to hurt?

All you people out do I get through it?  How do I make it less painful?  Literally, less physically painful.  My body hurts and sometimes when I go in, my muscles already feel like jello.  They are already worn out for the day.  I have been carrying around over 400 lbs all day.  And I'm not being lazy, I am not trying to find excuses...I really hurt and my strength is really zapped.  I know this because on the days I feel good, there is an obvious difference.  I don't cry through the whole thing, I can do it.  Am I supposed to kill myself exercising in the name of making a habit?  In the name of doing it even on the hard days?  At the expense of "paying for it" with extreme fatigue and pain for the next few days?  Please, please help me!

Anxiously waiting for answers....